Aboriginal Fabrics designed by indigenous artists

Have you seen our range of beautiful aboriginal prints and patterns? We were lucky enough to stumble across these divine fabrics at the Australian Quilt Market. You know that feeling you get when when you walk past a fabric and you just have to stop and stare? Well, we do too ;) 

This design is called Dancing Spirit and represents the sacred dance of ancient aboriginal ancestors since the time of creation.  One of my first questions was whether actual aboriginal artists designed the beautiful prints, and they showed me a large selection of artist bio's which was very impressive and included Nambooka, Colleen Wallace, Christine Doolan and Donna Abbot. I instantly fell in love with the artwork of many of the artists, but indigenous artworks of Donna Abbot particularly inspired us  - including her bush banana fabric print.  

We have a lovely selection of indigenous fabrics and we hope you enjoy sewing with them as much as we enjoyed choosing them!