Custom Fabric Printing

We offer custom printing Australia wide for brands wanting to level up with unique or limited prints.

Don't have your own print or pattern design? We can help! Just ask us about our huge pattern library of custom patterns to suit your requirements, or we can create something special for your product or brand. 

We offer custom printing on a variety of fabrics. Minimum quantities apply and wholesale prices available. 

We print by the metre in the following fabrics: If you have another fabric requirement just contact us  :)




Common Uses

Cotton Medium Weight

150gsm 100% woven cotton


This is popular apparel and fashion fabric but can be used for pretty much everything! It is a heavier weight than a poplin so has a good structured fall .. so can be used from everything from dresses to shirts to bags to tablecloths.  A good go to for most sewing projects.

Quilting Fabric

145gsm 100% Woven cotton


Quilting, bags, lamp shades, fashion. This fabric tends to be crisper than apparel cotton (see our Cotton medium weight) and has a stiffer and more structured drape.


Cotton Poplin

120gsm 100% cotton


Poplin is another good allrounder for fashion. It is  durable, lightweight cotton. It is similar to the medium weight and quilting cotton but a bit lighter and more flowy. and quite soft. It has a tight weave, and a more flowy drape than the heavier cottons.


Cotton Knit 220

95% cotton and 5% spandex (Lycra) 220gsm


This is a popular medium weight all-rounder sewing fabric for fashion as it has a lovely drape. And is very soft. Commonly used for leggings, t-shirts and tops, dresses, casual pants, pyjama’s,  jumpers and pullovers, bandanas, children’s clothing, skirts and casual pants.



Cotton Knit 260

95% cotton and 5% spandex (Lycra) 260gsm


As above, but a heavier (thicker) weight of fabric at 260gsm. It is has a lovely soft feel and flexible structure. It is ideal for fashion and active/lounge-wear, skirts, jackets, dresses, pants, sweaters, pants, sweatpants and hoodies.




French Terry

95% cotton and 5% spandex (Lycra) 280gsm


A soft, smooth, stretchy and breathable fabric. Perfect for loungewear! Comfy and durable this fabric has a beautiful stretch that maintains it’s shape. Easy to sew with and perfect for yoga wear, kids clothes,  knit dresses and cardigans, sweatshirts (perfect for the Aussie Autumn and Spring seasons when you want a little more warmth that a T-Shirt).)



82% polyester and 18% spandex (Lycra) 280gsm


Activewear! Suitable for any stretchy fabric for uses such as leggings, yoga or gym wear. Suited to running, and a huge range of outdoor and indoor movement activities. A fabulous stretch fabric with great recovery to maintain shape and support. If you are looking for soft and comfy loungewear fabric see our French Terry fabric.



86% polyester and 14% spandex (Lycra) 220gsm


Swimwear.. and any water activity clothing.


100% cotton 250gsm


A sturdy and durable cotton perfect for soft furnishing upholstery and more structured sewing projects such as handbags, totes, backpacks, pants, jackets, curtains, placemats, lamp shades and more.


100% polyester 230gsm

Approx 148cm 

So soft and warm this is the fabric is perfect for baby blankets, plush toys, baby accessories and clothes, throws, pillows, blankets, and quilt backings.


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