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Bush Plant Medicine Aboriginal Fabric

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Australian Flora is particularly rich in aromatic plants such as eucalyptus, tea trees, boronias, and mints and these plants have always been considered especially suitable for treating respiratory diseases. Aborigines have used a large number of them for treating illnesses. Gracie Morton is a skilful & experienced artist who depicted plums in an excellent way. Australian Aborigines have drawn on the resources of the environment for medicines. Many plants have been used, generally without elaborate preparation. Plant material is very often bruised or pounded to use as a poultice or extracted with water to be taken internally. Plants of medicinal values contain extra chemicals, tannins, latex, alkaloids which are useful for making many medicines.

  • 100% Cotton - Premium quality, high thread count cotton.
  • 100cm width.
  • Suitable for all sewing projects
  • Indigenous artist  Gracie Morton

Sold in 50cm increments, change your quantity below. We cut a continuous length unless you specify otherwise.