About Us

Australiana Fabrics is located in the Southern Highlands of NSW. The business was founded and is owned by Kirk,  in 2019 after he saw how beautiful the illustrations and designs of his partner were on fabric, and wanted to create a business that brings art on fabric to the Australian market. His family connection to the textile industry dating back to the mid 1900's  in England, combined with his passion for Australian design has grown into a family business that now supplies premium dressmaking, curtain fabric and upholstery fabrics - printed in Australia!

Australiana Fabrics has a large range of unique patterns and designs to choose from,  to ensure that you can reflect your own style in your interiors and sewing creations, and that set your spaces apart from mass-produced fabrics.

Australiana Fabrics supports Australian fabric designers and offers their artwork on a range of fabric bases. 

Please contact us to enquire about custom design, as our studio offers a full design service.