Australian Made Fabrics

We stock a huge range of Australian designed fabrics. We support Australian artists and Australian small business wherever possible. We are proud to bring you a truly unique range of Australian themed fabric

We often get asked 2 questions about our fabrics:

1. Is your company Australian owned and operated? Yes we most definitely are, - we are an Aussie family company based in New South Wales.

2. Are your fabrics "Australian made"?

In short - yes and no. There are no 100% made Australian bolt/quilting fabric companies in Australia,  but there are plenty of us trying to use as much "Australian" as possible. So what does that look like?

Most of our fabrics are designed by Australian artist Amanda Joy Designs. We are also empowering other Aussie artists such as Rebecca from Rathenart and Elise Martinson Fabrics.

We get base cloth and printing done in various overseas countries, because quite simply - there are no Australian cotton quilting quality bolt fabrics produced here in Australia. Some are printed here - but on the same fabrics as the Aussie wholesalers use (from overseas).  There is no option to purchase 100% Australian grown cotton quilting base cloth (yet! more on that further down).
March 2021 UPDATE NOTE: We have have been made aware of a company possibly starting up to do this with the Australian cotton Industry - super exciting! and we are watching closely. 

We hope you love sewing with the fabrics we choose and offer at our store. And thank you for supporting our  family company.  

Australiana Fabrics Team