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Australian Made Fabrics

We often get asked 2 questions:

1. if our company is Australian owned and operated; and yes we most definitely are - we are an Aussie Mum and Dad (and kids!) company.

2. if our fabrics are "Australian made"

In short - yes and no. There are no 100% made Australian bolt/quilting fabric companies in Australia,  but there are plenty of us trying to use as much "Australian" as possible. So what does that look like?

Most of our fabrics are designed by Aussie artist Amanda Joy Designs, who is also an owner of this business. Every fabric design starts as an idea in her head and she paints, draws, illustrates and composes each design. She then hooked up with an Aussie family company that has been around since 1960, and who manufacture fabrics. You can check them out here >>> https://kkfabrics.com.au/. They support Aussie artists and are 100% Aussie owned and operated. They get their base cloth and printing done in various overseas countries, because quite simply - there are no Australian cotton quilting quality bolt fabrics produced here in Australia. Some are printed here - but on the same fabrics as the Aussie wholesalers use (from overseas).  Let's be clear - there is no option to purchase 100% Australian grown cotton quilting base cloth (yet! more on that further down).
May 2020 UPDATE NOTE: We have have been made aware of a company possibly starting up to do this with the Australian cotton Industry - super exciting! and we are watching closely. 

When a fabric company states the fabrics are "made in Australia" we frown, because we are yet to see that be 100% true. They mostly mean they are "printed" in Australia - (using mostly overseas fabric, dyes and machines!) but they pressed print here - at least it is 1 more step in the process we can bring to Australia. Have we looked into this - and yes, we have a range being released in "Aussie printed" fabric but we feel it's not really more Australian than what we are doing already by supporting Australian wholesalers and jobs who have invested their lives into fabric wholesale in Australia with what is currently possible. BUT we are following closely are the advances in cotton mills here in Australia, to produce true blue Australian cotton bolt fabric. Like we said earlier - that is not yet available.

There are some lovely hand printed, screen printing fabric companies that offer small runs of bespoke fabric printed with eco friendly dyes that we know of, such as Ink & Spindle.  

If you have more info regarding Aussie cotton - please reach out to us! We appreciate it when you do. It frustrates us no end how much we have to reply on overseas in our industry. email: australianafabrics@gmail.com.

Australian Cotton 

More than 80% of the world cotton is grown in India and the small amount produced in Australia is mostly exported. The major buyers of Australian cotton are currently China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Turkey and Thailand. Crazy right? We could clothe 500 million people with our cotton apparently?  https://cottonaustralia.com.au/industry-overview yet we don't. 

Thanks to COVID there is a new push and call for Aussie cotton manufacturing and we just hope that this happens. If Aussie cotton mills produced quilting bolt fabric we would be first cab off the rank to buy it and print our designs. 

So in short: we do as much Aussie as we can; including

* Australian owned and operated - all profits stay in Australia. 

* Provide jobs to other Australians - such as people who help cut and pack orders

* Supporting Australian designers and indigenous artists such as:

  • Amanda joy - www,amandajoydesigns.com.au 
    https://www.instagram.com/amandajoy_designs/ living and working in Sydney
  • Nambooka or known as Bea Edwards  - a Tasmanian Aboriginal painter, living and working in Melbourne, Victoria
  • Rebecca Brady  - a high school art teacher and artist living and working in Sydney Australia www.rathenart.com
  • many others, you can email and ask us!

* Australian and (and 1 New Zealand) wholesale companies used only

* Australian "printed" (see info above on this) where possible

* Supporting small Aussie handmade business making their livelihood; such as  Wombat and Poss and many others 




and so many others  who regularly buy and use our Aussie designed fabrics (particularly Amanda joy's Designs, many whom have met her at the Australian Quilt Market) over the years, to create their handmade products. 

* Amanda supports hundreds of Australian bricks and mortar sewing shops by supplying them with unique Australian designs for their customers (just walk into your local fabric shop!):  https://www.instagram.com/p/CCX-E9pH2Ey/ and 

* Australia Post used and Aussie packaging companies

* Even our stickers are from a small Aussie owned and operated Etsy shop!

The ripple effect into Australia is huge when you support an Australian owned and operated small business instead of purchasing fabric off ebay or overseas companies, and we are doing our best to support Australian wherever it is possible. It is our goal to produce premium quality fabrics designs on Aussie cotton when we can,  but please be patient because this is huge project that takes time, money and stamina!

We hope you love sewing with the fabrics we choose and offer at our store. And thank you for supporting our Aussie family company.  

Australiana Fabrics (Kirk and Amanda).