Australiana Fabrics Fabric 1 Metre / Premium woven cotton sateen 150gsm Flannel flowers Cream Fabric

Flannel flowers Cream Fabric

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Exclusive to Australiana Fabrics by Amanda Joy. Sold in 1 metre increments: 1m = 1.09 yards, 2 metres = 2.19 yards, 3 metres 3.3 yards etc. We cut a continuous length unless you ask us otherwise.

100% premium quality Australian made: Australian designer, and Australian printed fabrics.

 Available Fabrics

Premium Quality Woven Cotton Sateen 150gsm.  Dressmaking, light curtains, quilting and crafting, bedheads, ottomans, tablecloths, general sewing, cushions. 140cm wide. Australian made to order:  Australian Printed

100% Linen OEKO Certified 220gsm. Suitable for dressmaking, light curtains, bags, cushions, lampshades, blinds,  etc as well as general sewing. 140cm wide. Australian made to order:  Australian Printed

100% Organic Cotton Canvas 310gsm. Sumptuously soft but durable. Suitable for upholstery, bedheads, bags, cushions, lampshades, blinds, furniture covers etc. Approx 145cm wide. Australian Made to order:  Australian Printed