Custom Curtain & Drapery Fabrics

In essence, choosing custom curtain fabric makes beautiful curtains, and a sumptuous space! Designer curtains offer a level of personalisation, quality, and attention to detail that mass-produced options simply can't match. Their ability to perfectly complement your space while offering functionality and durability makes them a worthwhile investment in beautifying your home, office and lifestyle spaces.

1. Perfect Fit:

  • Tailored to your window's exact measurements, custom curtains eliminate the issue of standard sizes not aligning correctly. They hang flawlessly, creating a polished, custom look.

2. Personalisation:

  • Choosing from our large selection of fabrics, colours, patterns, and textures, allows you to match your curtains perfectly to your décor and personal style preferences.
  • At Australiana Fabrics we can create any look you are wanting with our custom design services. 

3. Quality Materials:

  • Our custom curtain fabrics are high quality materials, offering better durability and a luxurious feel compared to mass-produced options.

4. Unique Design:

  • Not only are your fabrics going to be unique on their own, but you can also add design elements like pleats, trims, and linings that can be customised to your liking, giving your curtains a unique and elegant appearance to create beautiful spaces.

5. Enhanced Aesthetics:

  • Custom curtains elevate the overall aesthetics of your space, and create a unique and sumptuous sense of sophistication. This brings a level of refinement to your home that off-the-shelf options can not often achieve.

6. Control Over Details:

  • Custom curtains give you control over specific details such as blockout lining for better light control, interlining for added insulation, or motorisation for convenience and ease.

7. Long-Term Investment:

  • While they might initially seem to cost more, custom curtains are often made with superior craftsmanship and materials, making them a long-term investment that retain their beauty over time.

8. Unique Window Configurations:

  • For non-standard or unique window shapes or sizes (like arched windows or bay windows), custom curtains are the ideal solution, ensuring a perfect fit and a stunning appearance.
  • We have compiled a simple guide to measuring your windows for curtains

9. Tailored to Your Lifestyle:

  • Custom curtain fabrics can also cater to specific needs, such as enhancing privacy, reducing outside noise, or offering better insulation, and are based on your lifestyle and preferences.

10. Professional Craftsmanship:

  • Installing custom fabric curtains exhibits a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that contributes to their overall beauty.