William Morris Curtain Fabric Australia

We are delighted to offer a range of William Morris fabrics in premium fabrics that are perfect for curtains and soft furnishings. We are proud to offer the traditional William Morris designs as well as a collection of fresh and unique colour-ways exclusive to us.  

William Morris's designs are highly coveted for curtain fabrics due to their timeless beauty and intricate patterns. Morris & Co., the design firm founded by William Morris, produced numerous fabrics that are suitable for curtains and drapery. Some of the popular William Morris designs used for curtain fabrics include:

  1. Strawberry Thief: This iconic design featuring birds plucking strawberries from a garden is a sought-after pattern for curtains, admired for its intricate detailing and captivating storytelling.

  2. Golden Lily: The "Golden Lily" pattern, created by John Henry Dearle but associated with Morris & Co., is another exquisite design used for curtains, featuring stylized lilies in golden hues amidst swirling foliage.

  3. Willow Bough: This design showcases willow branches and leaves in a flowing pattern, evoking a sense of tranquility and natural beauty, often chosen for curtains to bring an organic feel to interiors.

  4. Fruit: Morris's "Fruit" pattern, depicting various fruits and foliage, can also be found adorning curtains, adding a touch of nature's abundance to interior spaces.

These designs and others from the Morris & Co. collection are highly versatile, making them suitable for different decor styles and interior settings. They are appreciated for their rich colors, intricate details, and their ability to add elegance and a connection to nature to any room.

Linen Curtain Fabric

Our personal favourite curtain fabric is linen. It hangs so beautifully and is also soft to touch. We have a stunning washed soft linen, and also a heavier linen.  They both drape beautifully and are durable and available in all our Morris designs. Linen fabric curtains are perfect for both traditional interior styles and also modern and contemporary rooms. 

Our beautiful William Morris linen fabrics create stunning drapes, curtains and blinds for your home or office. Linen curtains are perfect for both traditional interior styles and also modern and contemporary rooms. 

william morris strawberry thief curtains