William Morris Fabrics

Australiana Fabrics is delighted to announce we have partnered with the William Morris Society in the UK to gain exclusive access to original William designs.


Our team has spent much time working on the original artwork from wallpaper obtained from the William Morris Society, to create beautiful William Morris Art Nouveau fabric patterns. We are so excited to launch our own line of William Morris fabric that has his most popular prints such as Strawberry Thief, as well as some designs that have never been released on bolt fabric before.

It was a creative challenge for fabric designer Amanda Joy to create repeat patterns from some of the artwork, but it is a project that is definitely inspiring, and such an honour to work with the art of one of the worlds fore fathers in pattern design.

We are thrilled to be able to celebrate William Morris as not just one of the greatest designers in the world, but as a British forefather who had enormous impact on Australian design society (particularly in Adelaide) in the late 19th century in interior design through his exquisite textiles and wallpapers.